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Cost and Aid

The cost of study abroad can vary widely in cost and options. Programs can range anywhere from $2,000 to $40,000 depending on the program. Students should note that because they are still enrolled as full-time students at UCM, FAFSA may apply for semester and academic year study abroad programs. Additionally, any scholarships without criteria that students need to be attending classes on UCM's campus will apply as well. To view detailed costs of each specific program, please visit our program search site.

 For some programs, the cost of studying abroad for a semester or academic year is actually less expensive than a semester or academic year at UCM. The estimated cost of a full-time student attending UCM and living in Warrensburg per semester is between $9,000 and $10,000. There are generally three main factors that influence the cost of a study abroad experience:

Generally, the more services and opportunities provided by the program or provider, the higher the cost of a program. For example, if a program includes the cost of housing, insurance, and excursions, then the program will generally be more expensive than a program that does not include the same amenities. All study abroad students should expect to budget for the following things for all programs, even if they are not included in the up-front program cost: 

Passport/Visa needs
Travel money
In most cases, shorter programs are lower in cost. As the program length increase, the cost of the program will generally increase as well.
Current exchange rates and large, high-cost cities have a big impact on the cost of studying abroad. In general, larger cities in countries where the local currency is much stronger than the U.S. dollar are more expensive.

Study Abroad Grants

UCM students may be eligible to receive financial support through the Center for Global Education to fund an approved study abroad program in the form of two available grants:
Available to any UCM student on a program approved by the Center for Global Education
Amount determined year-to-year and subject to availability
No application process necessary
Students must be receiving academic credit in order to receive this grant
In addition to grants made available through the Center for Global Education, students can receive grants through other departments on campus.

Honors College Study Abroad Travel Grant

Up to $1,000 travel reimbursement after completion of program
Available only to members of the Honors College
Intended to help offset the cost of transportation to and from the host country
Travel grant can only be used once
Students should check with their academic departments for other grant opportunities